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Little by Little 12 Week Wellness Spiral

Listen to your body & Feel Your Best!

  • Learn how fertility, womb cycles & creativity relate to your nutrition Enroll Here
  • Learn when, why and how to fast and re-calibrate your mind & body
  • Learn how your body responds to different groups of food
  • Find the lessons behind your habits and triggers Enroll Here

logo_spiralJoin Wellness Spiral to:

You want your children to recognize and have tools to use against being controlled and manipulated.

You want your children to have sensual confidence, knowledge of self and agency,

but you are not sure what that should look like for you?

  • Join dialogue about what it means to not let fear drive personal and parental perspective, assumptions and limits.
  • Join dialogue about what it looks, sounds and feels like to witness children develop independent relationships with their body, other people, food, isms etc.
  • Deschool from sex education to explore on body literacy, sensual freedom and over-standing control, shame and superiority
  • Reflect, shed and re-design your self.
  • Learn and sharpen your intuitive tools
  • Tools to develop relationships where fear, guilt, shame nor superiority are used
  • Align and lean in
  • Guidance to explore and tend to trauma
  • Use Talk Therapy to delve into your personal story and how you want your story to continue. About Talk-Therapy:

“Over the years I have been struggling to have a consistent heatlhful relationship with my body and food….I got the chance to process, rediscover and reconnect to my relationship to food and my body through a much needed and therapeutic conversation with Moji”

My Story

Black mother and baby daughter embracing seaside at sunset.

About 2 yrs after giving birth I had a doula client who was diagnosed with celiac, when she described her symptoms to me, I decided to see if removing wheat and gluten from my diet would help my constant mental fatigue, abdominal discomforts and digestion issues.

I noticed the difference right away. My mind was less foggy, my mood was steady and good, I was not in constant physical discomfort and no longer constipated. I felt so freaking good to know that these dis-eases were avoidable!! But…

Cultivating a gluten free lifestyle has lead me to explore my relationship with food and I realized that my nutrition was rooted in absent-minded eating.  I ate a whole lot of wheat but had no idea what wheat was!  

Reactions to food intolerance are not always this strong but they are always damaging to the body and may lead to minor or major physical and mental health dis-eases.

It’s one thing to want to change my diet it’s whole nother thing to actually change it, especially when it involves eliminating food that I enjoyed.  I know many people go through this difficulty aligning eating habits with nutritional habits and lifestyles.    

I unknowingly started a spiral of changes in my life. I left a dead end job where I was serving gluten food daily and embarked on a journey I had avoided for years. I started attracting more meaningful relationships with people who inspire me to expect and get more from life and I found tools that made it easier let go of feelings and people that were weighing me down. My body grew stronger and so did my mind.  One decision can give you a whole new life and the tools you use to align yourself with what you WANT will be useful for a lifetime.

logo_spiralYou would think because of my aversion to gluten I would raise my daughter to live gluten free, but I don’t.  Because I want her to be the kind of person who can listen to her body and make decisions about what to eat based on her own knowledge and wants, without taking into account my or any other person’s judgement. 

Audre Lorde- Knowledge is mediated through the body

logo_spiralOther people’s agency over our connection with food has limited our knowledge and sense of empowerment over our body and habits. That is why Wellness Spiral is not a push towards any one dietary trend, it is a self-study for you to learn about yourself and to explore tools that empower you to  live and eat the way you want without guilt or anxiety.    Enroll Here! to start your self-study journey.

As a doula I encourage women to listen to their bodies and trust their intuition during pregnancy, labor and birth then I realized that these skills should be practiced way before pregnancy and in other areas where women are vulnerable in our society.  Claim and exercise ownership of your decisions and body… Subscribe to Wellness Spiral!

More about me: 

20170509_165216_Film4~2I aim to connect with people wherever they are and however the connection presents itself in our life journey.  As you read above my life has been marked by my relationship with food.  My daily guides for healing and living my best life include principles of Ayurveda, yoga, indigenous west African lifestyles, decolonization, unschooling and self-direction.  These concepts are woven in to my work as a doula and of course in this Wellness Spiral workshop.  I look forward to share and connect with others seeking to have a deeper relationship with their body.