12 Week Wellness Spiral

to feel your best, listen to your body

Learn when, why and how fasting can re-calibrate your mind & body.

Learn how your body responds to different foods.

Find the lessons behind your habits and triggers.

Learn how fertility, womb cycles & creativity relate to your nutrition.

Explore and define what it looks, sounds and feels like to:

have an empowered relationship with your body, and food.

Reflect, shed and re-design your habits.

Sharpen your intuitive tools.

Talk through and tend to personal trauma.

Includes: Two Talk-Therapy Calls per Month, Readings, Writing Prompts & an Individually Guided Healing Process

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My Story, the short version…

Black mother and baby daughter embracing seaside at sunset.

About 2 yrs after giving birth I had a doula client who was diagnosed with celiac after her first pregnancy, she described her symptoms to me, and I decided to see if removing wheat and gluten from my diet would help me feel more energetic.

I noticed the difference right away. My mind was less foggy, my mood was steady and good, I was not in constant physical discomfort and no longer constipated. I felt so freaking good to know that these dis-eases were avoidable!! Cultivating a gluten free lifestyle has led me to explore my relationship with food.  

Wellness Spiral is not a push towards any one dietary trend, it is a self-study for you to learn about your body, especially your gut and womb, while exploring tools that empower you to feel in control of your health and habits.

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