Little by Little 12 Week Wellness Spiral

Each person has a unique journey to a healthy life, not everyone needs to be vegan but in order to feel your best you need to know and listen to your body.

No more anxiety about eating “right”:  Wellness Spiral is not about judgement or following one particular life-style, we focus creating a healthy relationship with food. Ready to enroll?   Subscribe Here!

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Spend 12-weeks learning to listen to your body and finding a life-style that is healthy for you.

After having my daughter, I was excited to be a mother but quickly realized that my constant physical discomfort and mental fatigue were getting in the way of me building the kind of relationship and lifestyle I wanted for myself and my daughter.

The brief comfort I was getting from probiotics and over the counter (OTC) pain relievers were becoming more fleeting. About 2 yrs after giving birth I had a doula client who was diagnosed with celiac, when she described her symptoms to me, I decided to see if removing wheat and gluten from my diet would affect me.

I noticed the difference right away. My mind was less foggy, my mood was steady and good and I was not in constant physical discomfort. I was so happy to find a solution that didn’t involve hospital visits, surgery or financial debt!

Fatigue, foggy mind, insomnia can be side effects of your eating habit!  After Wellness Spiral you will know how certain foods and eating habits affect your mood and energy.  Enroll Here 

The thought of never eating wheat again felt like a burden, I LOVE croissants! But when I re-introduced wheat into my diet, my body responded with vomiting and abdominal cramps that kept me in bed for days; the change had to become a lifestyle.  Reactions to food intolerance are not always this strong but they are always damaging to the body and may lead to minor or major physical and mental health crisis.

Wellness Spiralfood-poisoning-1 guides you through ways to connect with your body through introspective activities,  and group and one-on-one conversations.  You learn ways to tune in and listen to your body, by the end of the 12 weeks you will be able to create a lifestyle that is feels right and sustainable.

Why do you want a change?!  Change ain’t easy! Wellness Spiral guides you to find ways to be more connected to your goals, this is more than a diet, it’s a life style!  Enroll Here

My decision to be intentional about what I eat and don’t eat started a spiral of changes in my life. I left a low paying dead end job that I thought I needed and embarked on a journey to face a challenge I avoided for years; I attracted more meaningful relationships with people who inspired me to expect and get more from life and I found it easier let go of feelings and people that were weighing me down. My body grew stronger and so did my mind.  One decision can give you a whole new life. 


If you’re finding it difficult to find balance and commitment to living healthy, Wellness Spiral can help, little by little the change you seek will become effortless.  Subscribe Here to start on your wellness spiral!

When You Join Wellness Spiral

When you register your initial charge will be $32 and then you will be charged $32 a week for 12 weeks in Wellness Spiral

12 Weeks of Support & Guidance

Monthly Zoom Group Calls: Being part of a group of like-minded people is always helpful and you will be given exercises and assignments to help you tune in to your body and sustain your goals.

Phone Support: One-on-One support and guidance twice a month.

An hour consultation at your home: (Skype/WhatsApp/Zoom option available for distant clients) In this session, we’ll review your wellness history, current eating habits and more.  This consultation will include a tour of your Kitchen and Pantry: Your kitchen is the key to your health goals.

Visioning and Planning: Come up with a bold vision of what you want your health and your life to be and together we’ll create specific action steps towards your goals.

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More about me: 

20170509_165216_Film4~2I aim to connect with people wherever they are and however the connection presents itself in our life journey.  As you read above my life has been marked by my relationship with food.  My daily guides for healing and living my best life include principles of Ayurveda, yoga, indigenous west African lifestyles, decolonization, unschooling and self-direction.  These concepts are woven in to my work as a doula and of course in this Wellness Spiral workshop.  I look forward to share and connect with others seeking to have a deeper relationship with their body.