New Moon Celebration Event | $2600

Celebrate the body’s connection to past and future moons.  New Moon Celebration was created to celebrate and guide young women in their first years of menses but can also be done for women needing to heal or set intentions for their moon cycles.    Group celebrations welcomed.

Decolonize Your Diet | $1300 (available virtually)

The colonized are unaware of their power and blinded to the root of their dis-ease.  Decolonize Your Diet by finding and exercising your power to change to your diet and begin the journey to heal your mind, body and community.

Do you want to be more connected with your food and eating ritual? Do you struggle with constipation, indigestion or dis-ease? Low energy and high blood pressure? are you “addicted” to sugar or have other unhealthy habits?  Developing a healthy and purposeful perspective about nutrition impacts you, your family as well as your local AND global community!

Find out which foods stress your body and how.  Learn how and why to cleanse regularly.  Face and work through your diet and body issues, myths, habits, traumas etc. (we all have them!) and change your diet for real and for good!

Little by Little YOU CAN DO IT!

Interested or have questions?? Send me a note!