Did you get to this page while exploring ways to claim and practice ownership of your choices and your body?

If  you did, you are in the right place and I welcome you. If you came here through another curiosity, let’s trust whatever led you here.

This website, a small representation of my in-the-world work,  honors people and their practices toward

 Holistic wellness

Daily mindfulness


This work and my service within it, is part of a movement that centers those  three things, and my own practice shows up primarily in


Knowledge of and travel to Africa,

Women’s health and Nutrition.

If your curiosities and wellness explorations include waist beads, conscious parenting, decolonization and intuitive health coaching, I have tools and time for you; this is a space where you can grow deeper into yourself.

What to expect, essentially:

Opportunities to deep dive into your nutrition, womb health and decolonization goals.

Contact me at littlebylittlemidwifery@gmail.com to partner up and strengthen your wellness walk.



  • Quit my job as a preschool teacher and moved to Miami to attend an intensive midwifery school with just a few hundred dollars in my pocket.


  • Studied, worked and lived at the birth center. Met some life-long friends and managed my first births, lost my grandmother.
  • In the Spring of this year I found out I was pregnant and I left an abusive relationship so that I could have the home birth that I wanted (and did in-fact have), I also left midwifery school.
Black mother and baby daughter embracing seaside at sunset.


  • This is the year I started my doula business, Little By Little Birth and Co-founded Gainesville Doulas & Co., an organization of birth workers of color; we partnered with the ACCESS program for teen moms at Loften High School to provide childbirth education and doula services to the students.  This experience opened my eyes to the high infant mortality rates for African Americans families, the need to normalize breastfeeding, and the lack of respect given to black students, especially when they are parents.
  • I stopped eating wheat and noticed a huge difference in my health right away, this led me to research the relationship between our digestive health and our physical, and mental wellness.
  • I have since learned that IT WAS NOT THE GLUTEN, IT WAS MY GUT. I developed Wellness Spiral, a revolutionary mind and body detox process to Increase Your Energy, Sharpen Your Intuition and Strengthen Your Body. Click below to learn more.


knowledge of and travel to Africa

  • After graduating from the University of Florida, I traveled to Benin with my daughter. Benin is home to me, I was born there, but I had not been there in 15 years and this trip was my daughter’s first time there. Leaving the U.S. literally felt like weights being lifted from my body and mind. When we returned to the U.S. I wanted to keep that weight off, I came back in time to get in formation! Inspired by Beyonce’s art and many other amazing people I started being intentionally mindful of things, thoughts and people who made me feel ‘heavy’ and down. This practice led to major changes in my life.
  • I decided to stop pursuing midwifery school and to instead learn, teach, and guide healing on a more personal, practical and empowering level that honors indigeneity and nourishes my wholistic wellness. I realized that the best way to change the toxic health care dynamic I saw over and over again as a doula was to guide women to connect to and trust their bodies OUTSIDE OF THE HEALTH CARE SYSTEM. Contact me to know more about taking control of your womb health (even if you don’t plan to have children!)
  • My daughter also decided to start unschooling, hear more about her experiences in and out of school on Fly Time our podcast here.


  • I started developing Wise African Woman Retreats to Benin, west Africa. Wanna come?

Wise African Woman (WAW) Retreats offer women and their families space to study, environment to explore, and community with whom to gather, learn, play, and expand knowledge.

Check out the WAW Retreat Packages.

2017 – 2018

  • Fly Time / Wellness Spiral Podcast was launched in 2018 through Akilah S. Richards’ Raising Free People Network. I shared conversations and thoughts about wellness, deschooling and social change. Now I speak on those topics and more on Fly Time podcast. Fly Time was first created to help homeschooling families center self-directed lifestyles for children and parents.  I started it as a local learning group in Gainesville Fl., it has now morphed into a podcast hosted by my daughter, Sena and I. Listen here.
  • June 2018 : Deschooling Sex-Ed. a conversation about sensuality, sexuality and what it means to deschool sex-education. Facilitated for Black Girl Project in Brooklyn, New York.


  • I was a patient advocate for women choosing abortion. I counseled women about their choices, abortion procedures and after care.  My biggest confirmation while doing this work is that learning about our body, sensuality and fertility, starts in childhood and lasts a lifetime.   I witnessed that a lot of women, parents AND health care professionals are unaware or misinformed of the extensive side effects of Hormonal Contraceptives. I now get to help change those realities. Contact me to know more about taking control of your womb health (even if you don’t plan to have children!)
 Women are misinformed starting from childhood about their ability to manage and control their body, their health and their fertility.

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