Guiding women as they claim and exercise ownership of their decisions and bodies.

 “We cannot begin to thank you enough for all that you did for our family throughout our pregnancy and labor.  You helped bring our sweetest gift into the world in a peaceful and natural way, as a first time mom, it meant the world for me to be prepared for and to have the birth experience that I wanted.  Without you, it would not have been possible…. Not only did you ease my worries, but you helped [my husband] to get comfortable in his role as a father…”  ~Brie 

Why Hire a Doula??

Experience and familiarity with birth.  As a doula I rely not only on my education but also my years of experience.  Having attended many births I know what is normal during pregnancy, labor and birth and can reassure and prepare you and your family for the birth you want.

Continuous care.  Because there is no such thing as a due date, the staff, doctor or midwife you are familiar with may not be there when you are giving birth.  As your doula I would be present through labor, birth and immediate postpartum.  A doula’s presence is essential for you to have the birth experience you planned and envisioned.

Coping techniques and comfort measures.  Unfortunately many of us have been conditioned to fear birth.  Labor and birth are unique experiences that are not realistically portrayed in the media.  As your doula I work to keep you grounded and calm as I share coping techniques to help you progress through labor.  I would also make suggestions for your partner or family to guide you through and between contractions.

Your doula works only for you.  Hospital staff cannot stay by your side during labor since they have other patients and responsibilities, your family may be overwhelmed and need rest but as your doula I have the knowledge, time and energy to guide you throughout labor and birth.

A woman in labor is at her most vulnerable state.  As your doula, I do not speak for you but I will make sure your needs and wishes are prioritized and not overlooked.

Clinical studies show that having a doula :

Reduces the risk of C-section

Reduces the length of labor

Reduces the need of induction, forceps and other interventions

Reduces use of any medication for pain relief and

Decreases risk of newborn being admitted to special care


Birth Ease 6wk Childbirth Preparation Course   |      $35/week

Birth Ease is an online childbirth preparation course. 

  • Weekly lessons
  • Custom live videos based on your personal questions and curiosities 
  • Private Facebook group 
  • Postpartum follow up   

Birth Ease covers many topics including how to choose your birthing space and team, anatomy and physiology of  pregnancy, labor & birth, coping mechanisms, comfort techniques, birth plans, postpartum health, unpacking previous birth experiences (great for VBACs), breastfeeding and more.  Birth Ease prepares you for your ideal birthing experience!


Little by Little Birth Doula Package   | $1200

  • Pregnancy and Childbirth Education
  • Custom Guided Meditation Sessions
  • 24/7 Email and phone support throughout pregnancy
  • On Call 24/7 two weeks before due date
  • Continuous labor & birth support
  • Breastfeeding initiation and support
  • Healthy Pregnancy Herbs
  • Placenta Encapsulation


Little by Little Postpartum Doula | $50/hr

  • Newborn Care Guide
  • Placenta Encapsulation
  • Breastfeeding Support
  • Soothing techniques and tools
  • Errands
  • Meal preparation
  • Light house work
  • Baby wearing
  • Help transition older siblings
  • Postpartum Yoga
  • Sleep Training
  • Coping techniques and more…

“I highly recommend Moji’s doula services to anyone that is expecting. She brings to your pregnancy a calmness and focus that is hard to find on your own. She strives to help you work through your fears and desires and through meditation and deep relaxation help you achieve a very positive perspective on your pregnancy and pending labor and delivery. She is also helpful with siblings and making recommendations to help them adjust to a new family member. Moji also values health and is quick to provide homeopathic remedies for typical pregnancy discomforts.  She was critical in helping me work through fears from a previous labor and delivery and helping fully prepare myself to bring my most recent daughter into this world. I feel very fortunate to have had her by my side during labor and delivery.”

~ Kristen, VBAC

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