Meet Moji

meet doulaI am a self-directed learner and philosopher who believes and relies on her intuition and intuitive knowledge.  I aim to connect with people wherever they are and however the connection presents itself in this life journey.  I am a birth worker who uses story telling and guided meditation to inform and guide families in preparation for childbirth. I communicate unapologetically and I create space for others to do the same.  I believe that decolonization isn’t only for people of color.  I have goals in different country codes!  My goals embrace decolonization of birth, nutrition, parenting, education, medicine and lifestyle.

I am an African who believes that Africa and Africans have a past, present and future that circumvents the western world story.  I revel in the wisdoms of the African diaspora.  My interests in the pan-African birthing and lifestyle practices led me to create Wise African Women, a platform for women and midwives of color to share their stories.  Subscribe for updates!   Wise African Women (WAW) will be hosting its first birth summit in May 2019 in beautiful Benin.