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My daily guides for healing and living my best life include principles of yoga, indigenous west African lifestyles, decolonization, unschooling and self-direction. 

These concepts show up in my work with women as they claim and exercise ownership of their bodies and decisions in all aspects of their lives before during and after pregnancy. 

I believe deschooling and living self-directed lifestyles lower chances of infertility and maternal mortality for women.  


Click –> To hear about my decision to unschool and start a self-directed lifestyle with my daughter on the podcast Fare of the Free Child


Keepers of the Womb: Supporting Women through Womb Trauma                 Indigenous Womb Wellness

200hr RYT Yoga Teacher                                                                                                   Sanctuary Yoga

Herbal Medicine for Women                                                                                                  Divine Birth Wisdom

HypnoBirth Doula                                                                                                            HypnoBirthing International Institute

Community Doula                                                                                                                  Commonsense Childbirth School of Midwifery

Agricultural Education                                                                                                   University of Florida