Kendrick Lamar Grey Poupon Privilege

A few words about this workshop

I did not plan this as a response to the speaker at the University of Florida, this project has been in the works long before but the timing and the conversations surrounding the event is affirming.

The focus of the workshop is how homeschooling and unschooling can be gate ways to social change.

Jackie Morone will lead yoga series between sections of the workshop!  Movement helps release and lighten the load.

I look forward to meeting and conversing!



“Greetings.” I like this English word, it captures the ekúìjóko*, ekúìrìn*, ekúùlé* etc. of the Yoruba language.

Language has been an interest of mine since before I knew the word language.  Growing up in African communities that communicated daily in at least 3 languages, I lived and loved words through their translation and representation of culture.  My curiosity and enchantment with languages was intellectually refined and supported (intentionally or not) by my parents who studied linguistics, philosophy and too many languages to list.  Words are powerful and languages are complex and dynamic so it is important to continually check in on the concepts we use, which brings me to today’s topic, privilege.  

At first the concept of privilege was affirming and refreshing when I was introduced to it through Peggy McIntosh’s White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack, but now I cringe every time I hear the word.  We are being bombarded with vivid, life-sucking examples of white supremacy in the U.S. and the word privilege has saturated the social justice narrative, but what is the ROOT of privilege? Is your concept of privilege pro-active? Why and Why not?  How do privilege and white supremacy intersect? If these kind of questions and discussions excite you, this workshop is for you.

After years of researching, writing, talking and thinking about privilege, I refined the concept and developed an inclusive ideology that centers privilege as a tool for social change rather than a label.  At the Privilege is Mine Workshop we will unpack, share and explore our thoughts and experiences around privilege and I will share my concept of privilege as a tool that helps you define, align and support the values and changes you want to invest in personally, locally and globally.

Join this conversation to use privilege as a tool for intentional change if you are

  • A leader of an organization that wants to do more towards social justice…  
  • Feeling down from the weight of being a person of color (POC) in the U.S….
  • A person looking for ways to incorporate social justice into your life…
  • A parent who wants to include concepts of social justice into your parenting lifestyle…

This is not an anti-racist workshop!  It IS a self-exploration workshop, using privilege as a tool YOU will explore and develop your own unique path toward your own unique shifts.  Click here to REGISTER

* Yoruba greetings for when you meet someone while they are seated, walking or at home, respectively.

You will be sent a questionnaire after registering, please complete and submit online.

The workshop will include:

  • Open discourse about selected readings and media…
  • Movement to guide physical, mental and emotional alignment…
  • Clearing of the 6th and 5th chakras
  • Writing exercises and more…
  • Light refreshments will be served.

*Please contact me through the form below if you need a discount.  I want anyone who is interested to come!

Have any questions about the workshop???   Ask me below: