“Very informative class.” ~ Nikki

“Thank you for the wonderful info! I enjoyed the class very much! “~ B. G.

Here are some of what we will dive into during the course:

  • Fon people and culture
  • Immediate and long term postpartum care and nutrition
  • Plants used to support health of mother and baby during the postpartum
  • Recipes for the postpartum
  • Decolonizing women’s rights’ activism for Africa

Introduction to Fon Practices for Postpartum Care.

The Fon are the largest ethnic and linguistic group in what is now known as Benin, west Africa; their culture and way of life is known as Vodoun. Learn which foods common in Black American cooking to avoid, and which to add, during the postpartum period. Learn practices that promote healthy healing of mother's mind, body and family. We also touch on decolonizing activism for Africa. The Zoom link for our meeting will be sent to you after you register here.


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Created after the 2019 Birth Education Retreat and led by a traditional midwife from Benin.