Molasses: My Coffee, Wine and PMS cure

My daughter had two friends sleep over last night, her friends left a few hours ago, the house has been cleaned and I have showered…. and now to write… But I’m feeling like I need a little something something… maybe a glass of wine?? or a cup of coffee?? I reached into a bowl ofContinue reading “Molasses: My Coffee, Wine and PMS cure”

Sobonfu Somé

Sobonfu Somé has joined the ancestors.  I recently dug up her book Welcoming Spirit Home to reread her perspective on parenting and being a child. I started unschooling my daughter and one of the arguments people who oppose my decision constantly bring up is “I never liked school, but I did it!” Why is itContinue reading “Sobonfu Somé”

Why you should carry your baby on your back

Baby wearing makes life easy for both mom and baby, it satisfies baby’s need to be held and comforted while freeing mom’s hands.  Because baby wearing is new to westerners there have been some rookie mistakes that may end up doing more harm than good.  Here are some things to consider before choosing how toContinue reading “Why you should carry your baby on your back”