The worst This Is Us episode

The episode I am bashing is season 2 episode 15, “The Car”, if you don’t remember it please watch it again, you don’t have watch long, the first two minutes or so before the intro is all you need to see the good ol’ made in the USA patriarchy that made me turn my head away from This Is Us

Owning Your Time

We associate waking up late, not going to school, not going to work with being lazy and unproductive...even though we KNOW that our bodies need rest at times that are unique to us. From infancy every Body is different even if there are collective similarities, ask anyone who has ever worked at a day care. … Continue reading Owning Your Time

National Poetry Day | Music is Poetry | October 8th 2015 |#IfICouldBlog | We Could Find A Diamond In Your Hair

I wrote this almost two years ago

if i could blog

Ending the day by honoring the day

I am falling in love with music again

It has been some time since I could get lost in new sound-art.

This song reminded me that Today is National Poetry Day

If I Could Blog I I would blog about being a lyric junky and write lyrics for songs I’m feelin’.

lyrics I find are sometimes (most times) off at some parts…

The lyrics to this song, If I Could by Just A Band, inspired the name of my blog. If I could blog I would. I can so I am.  I will be writing every week about whatever moves me to holla out the web.

I Can not figure out a couple of lines, the bolded italic lines. Can you?  Do you hear what I hear? #remindsmeofTVonTheRadio

We could play a little truth or dare
(We would play a little truth or…

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