This Giving Tuesday, Don’t Give Supremacy

Remember the television commercials with jarring pictures and videos of children and women of color looking sad with dirth on their faces and flies around them; then a white male or female voice will come on, asking you to give a penny a day to save their life and village. I am not gonna lieContinue reading “This Giving Tuesday, Don’t Give Supremacy”


Most people use herbs and are aware of what different plants do for the body, even children!  I am in Ouidah which is a beach town in south Benin; you cannot walk far without seeing someone selling the handmade clay pots used to brew plant medicines or someone selling medicinal herbs, barks, roots and more. Continue reading “5 TRUTHS ABOUT WEST AFRICAN CULTURE”

Africa: Etymology and Modern Use. African is not an Ethnicity

The modern use of “African” as an ethnic group disregards the fact that there are many ethnic groups in continental and sub-Saharan Africa.

That is why my upcoming course is called the Fon Postpartum Nutrition and Care, and not African Postpartum Nutrition and Care.