I combine my knowledge of midwifery, HypnoBirth, yoga and almost ten years worth of experience to prepare women physically and psychologically for natural births.  I offer custom guided meditation and affirmation methods that allow my clients to process fears and desires so they are prepared to embrace the mystery of birth. I believe birth is instinctual, safe and full of culture and tradition, contact me to reconnect with the birthing process mind, body and spirit. I am a traveling doula with almost ten years of experience, I accept clients anywhere in the country!

 “We cannot begin to thank you enough for all that you did for our family throughout our pregnancy and labor.  You helped bring our sweetest gift into the world in a peaceful and natural way, as a first time mom, it meant the world for me to be prepared for and to have the birth experience that I wanted.  Without you, it would not have been possible…. Not only did you ease my worries, but you helped [my husband] to get comfortable in his role as a father…”  ~Brie

Why Hire a Doula??

Experience and familiarity with birth.  A doula has attended many births and knows what is normal during labor and can therefore reassure and prepare you and your family for the birth you want.

Continuous care Because there is no such thing as a due date, the staff, doctor or midwife you are familiar with may not be there when you are giving birth.  Your doula would be a familiar touch in a new environment.   In this case your doula’s presence is essential for you to have the birth experience you visioned.

Coping techniques and comfort measures  Unfortunately many of us have been conditioned to fear birth through television but labor and birth are not as they are portrayed in the media.  Your doula keeps you grounded, calm and shares coping techniques to help you progress through labor.  Doulas will also make suggestions for your partner or family to guide you through and between contractions.

Your doula works only for you.  Hospital staff cannot stay by your side because they have other patients and responsibilities and your family may be overwhelmed and need rest but your doula has the knowledge, time and energy for you!

A woman in labor is at her most vulnerable state Your doula will make sure your needs and wishes are prioritized and not overlooked.

Clinical studies show that having a doula :

Reduces the risk of C-section

Reduces the length of labor

Reduces the need of induction, forceps and other interventions

Reduces use of any medication for pain relief and

Decreases risk of newborn being admitted to special care



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