Monday AfterMoon

It all started earlier this year when I blocked off the week of my cycle/moontime for every month of this year, I named these blocked weeks, “Me Week”

….This was a reminder for me to take this time to do and feel whatever I want.

and now I share bits of my Me Week here on Monday afterMoon.

I saw a tomato plant! Last month during I planted 4 tomato seeds and I thought they all died but ONE is alive and well!! I saw it my first day bleeding.

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I got my custom made Sezinkpo (yoni stool) for steaming and free bleeding.

Free bleeding is exactly what it sounds like, and it felt really good and easy to do. My womb and mind were communicating directly with each other and I started getting to the stool just when bleeding will start. I was in the squatting position a lot this moontime. I used cloth pads sometimes during the day and overnight.

When I ordered the Sezinkpo I thought the man doing the work was a carpenter, but nope he was a sculptor, LOL… so it looks different than what I had in mind but I love it and plan to add decorative sculpting to it.

I will still talk to a carpenter about making the traditional stool I had in mind.

This moontime’s soundtrack: Bob Marley, Time Will Tell.

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