Every Moon Time is Different

Every moon time is different.

Some hold the belief that at some point in time ALL women were on the same cycle, bleeding when the moon was full.

I don’t.   Yes we sync when we come together for a period of time.

              I believe there were always differences, we were and are with the moon;

waxing and waning from new moon to full moon at our own pace.

Each period.  Each end of cycle is an end and or beginning in our lives.

Between periods, life happens. Decisions are made.  Feelings are felt.  and rationalized.  Parts of us die. Parts of us grow.

Tears fall.  Pain caressed.  Cursed.  Love is understood. Between periods. Life. Happens.

Menses, got nothing to do with men and everything to do with we. 

Periods will be the end of a lot of things and lives but it is the beginning of us.

Embrace your period.    

Some times I get the urge to finish a project or find some clarity around an issue, it usually means my period is coming.

The end is here.

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