The worst This Is Us episode

The episode I am bashing is season 2 episode 15, “The Car”, if you don’t remember it please watch it again, you don’t have watch long, the first two minutes or so before the intro is all you need to see the good ol’ made in the USA patriarchy that made me turn my head away from This Is Us (for a couple of weeks anyway)

The episode opens with the family visiting a car dealership to buy a car, Jack and Rebecca joke about how having 3 kids would make it more likely for them to get a good deal (no mention of how having one black child would affect them positively or negatively, but that’s another story).

The Pearsons talked about their limited budget and the kind of car they could afford.  After seeing that the children really liked the more expensive car, Jack pulls the car dealer, a white man, aside and says “You and I should go into the office and work something out..”

Rebecca is baffled and she “lightly” warns him that they should stick to their plans and budget… he dismissively kisses her hand as if to say “hush woman, let the men handle the money business.”

I suppose their interaction could be seen as “a sign of the times,” but it was hella condescending. Can we tell these stories without the lovey-dovey music and sentiment?

That episode broke This Is Us for me but the show was already treading on thin ice because of the fact that Randall and his immediate family seem to be the only “good” black people in their world.

The general disregard and lack of compassion for Deja’s mom and her love for her daughter is disheartening because I like Randall and his wife, but they seem to think having money is the only prerequisite to being a good parent and black person.

Sterling K. Brown is still BAE because of his role in Black Panther and because he and wife had a real life home birth, which he beautifully describes here.

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