Owning Your Time

We associate waking up late, not going to school, not going to work with being lazy and unproductive…even though we KNOW that our bodies need rest at times that are unique to us.

From infancy every Body is different even if there are collective similarities, ask anyone who has ever worked at a day care.

We beat ourselves and others up for not fitting into this mold that is considered “normal” and yet fits no one.

The concept of owning our time was my first and biggest deskooling lesson.  I say lesson because one small decision teaches much.

Last summer I enrolled my daughter into a summer camp.  The camp ran from 730a till 530p but the first hour and a half are scheduled for breakfast and FREE TIME which she could have at home. So I gave her the option of setting the alarm to wake up and make it to camp early or waking up whenever her body wakes; she chose the latter.

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Some would say of course she did! Who wouldn’t?! How will she learn dscipline?! But it takes time AND practice to learn about time.

She has chosen to wake up after 4hrs of sleep to see her grandpapi off to the airport and I KNOW that she would do the same if it was required of an event, test or project she wants to complete or be a part of; I know because I let her practice it.

She’s learning to own her time.  The classes she chooses to take, the projects, conversations and relationships she chooses to pursue are all her, defining her Self and practicing adulthood.

Fact is the camp was not open at 730a to teach the children discipline, it was open at that time for the convenience of the parents’ and “normal” work hours.

I was available to take her to camp at a later time because I live a self-directed lifestyle and have directed my life to have time at home with my family while being financially creative and independent.

I was previously enrolled in midwifery school and quit to reclaim my time.  I did not value the experience and was not convinced that the education was making me a better midwife or birthworker.  For me it was not worth my time and money not to mention the fact that it required much self-masking and negative energy.

My time, money and energy are my privilege for being alive and being me; I decide who to give it to, this is a lesson I am learning to practice now as an adult.

School was not a choice for me as a child, I understood it to be mandatory and before being a mom I never thought of my children not going to school.  I gave my unborn child’s time away without it’s knowledge or consent.  Were we taught not to own our time? When we make school mandatory are we teaching our children not to own their time?



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