2018 Will Be Lit

2018 will be lit from start to finish.  The past 3 hundred and sixty something days have been spiritually affirming. At the end of the year 2016 I embraced Eṣu as my Orí.  My head guiding Orisha.  I have known all my life that Eṣu is not the devil as it is translated to be in English and other colonial languages, but I still associated feelings of fear with the Orisha even though it was the one Orisha I felt connected to since childhood.  Intentionally embracing Eṣu as my Self required me to grow through the fear and ignorance which were encouraged by white supremacy through schooling and the silencing of my people (familial and ethnical).

In Yorùbá, Orí literally translates to mean “head”, however the spiritual significance of the word is far deeper. Orí is human consciousness. It is our direct connection to Olódùmarè, the Supreme Force.  Conceptually, Orí is closely related to destiny or fate. Each and every person who is born on Earth, Aye, went through the process of choosing their Orí and their Destiny before journeying from Heaven to Earth, Orun to Aye. Each human being has the personal task of selecting their very own Orí, their own particular human consciousness. — FAGBEMIJO AMOSUN FAKAYODE

There is good reason to associate fear with Eṣu because Eṣu guides change and we fear change.  Eṣu is unlearning, It is seeing the opposite of what you thought you saw, It is transcending your mind, It is transcending. Eṣu guides crossings between life, death, and the unborn.

Finding your Orí is the key, once you find and embraced your Orí the rest is history as they say. Life becomes a mixture of feelings of  freedom + gratitude + power and craving, accepting and growing through challenges. Ase. So it was for 2017.

Its been a good year. My daughter and I practice self-directed lifestyles, every day we center our gut and intuition and we are blossoming in every way possible. I plan to write and SHARE more about this lifestyle in 2018.

For me writing is therapeutic and creative fun but too many times I struggle because I try to write what I think I should write rather than what I feel like writing.  This poem by Nayyirah Waheed is a reminder to just write…. and POST! So I will be publishing weekly blogs, poems etc.  I already have a line up of writings to share!nayyirah.waheed-1514733689550

In October I held a workshop titled Privilege is Mine.

Kendrick Lamar Grey Poupon PrivilegeI hope to develop the ideas behind the workshop into a book in 2018, lets see how that unfolds!

The Wise African Women (WAW) trip to Benin is tentatively set for May 19th – May 30th 2019, more information about that coming soon!

littlebylittlebirth.com is a year and two month old! I’m happily planning new services and formats for interacting with you and the world through this platform.

Breathe with me.  We have been given the privilege of life…. So time goes on and with it comes change.  May your living be rooted in hope and faith and not fear.  Happy New Year from littlebylittlebirth!



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