Privilege is Mine

Kendrick Lamar Grey Poupon

“Greetings.” I like this English word, it captures the ekúìjóko*, ekúìrìn*, ekúùlé* etc. of Yoruba.

Language has been an interest of mine since before I knew the word language.  Growing up in African communities that communicated daily in at least 3 languages, I lived and loved words through their translation and representation of culture.  My curiosity and enchantment with languages was supported (intentionally or not) and intellectually refined by my parents who studied linguistics, philosophy and too many languages to list.  Because of them I have a healthy obsession with culture and words, which brings me to the topic of this essay, the word “privilege,” a popular and infamous word.  Because the modern concept of privilege overlooks a key word in it’s definition, privilege has become one of the most used and useless words in social justice; useless because it does not promote or lead to action.

I remember years ago when I first read Peggy McIntosh’s White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack, it was affirming and refreshing.  Since then the word privilege has saturated social justice narrative and now I cringe every time I hear it. In the U.S. we have been and are being bombarded with vivid life sucking examples of injustice and white supremacy and even though McIntosh’s work is insightful and wakes people up, her definition of privilege is infected with white supremacy (the knapsack is not invisible).

Over years of researching, writing, talking and thinking about privilege, I developed a concept that centers the definition of privilege as a tool for social change rather than a label.  At the Privilege is Mine Workshop I will share my concept of privilege as a tool, a tool that leads you to define, align and support your unique values and the changes you want to invest in personally, locally and globally.

Because my definition and concept of privilege is inclusive, everyone can join the conversation and use the tool for sustainable, intentional change.  ANY change.  Whether it be modifying nutritional habits or instilling concepts of justice into your lifestyle and parenting, the Privilege is Mine tool will be applicable to you, you can register now.

The workshop will include open discourse about selected readings and media, movements to guide physical, mental and emotional alignment, writing exercises and more.

Please bring a mobile device if you have one.  Light refreshments will be served. Venue will be given after you register.

You will be sent a questionnaire after registering, please complete and submit online.


Kendrick Lamar Grey Poupon

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