Sobonfu Somé

Sobonfu Somé has joined the ancestors.  I recently dug up her book Welcoming Spirit Home to reread her perspective on parenting and being a child.

I started unschooling my daughter and one of the arguments people who oppose my decision constantly bring up is “I never liked school, but I did it!”
Why is it that as adults we feel the need for our children to go through the awful things we did?!
I do not subscribe to that way of parenting, I believe that it is my responsibility as a parent to heal the wounds I am aware of so that I don’t impose them on my child.  Children will go through their own shit, we don’t need to force our shit onto them.
I like Somé for many reasons, I like that her purpose, her gift was embedded in her culture but took her across the globe.  I give thanks for you, your words and your spirit, Sobonfu Somé.  Guide us to grow without oppression and exploitation.  Individually and globally, Ase.
The book also has a chapter on making rituals work for you… something I NEED if I intend to follow through on my new year intentions!!  Check out her works, let me know what you think, i’mma go read that chapter and get my rituals on.
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