There’s a certain type of woman who  craves more than pleasure or adventure when she travels. She moves with  purpose and seeks opportunities to bear witness to, and participate in,  traditions of culture, education, community, and wellness. This woman  identifies as a healer and an educator, and to her, this global callout  to join a small group of women in Benin, Africa is a chance for both  deep study and intense play.  Is this woman you?

Wise African Woman (WAW) Retreats offer women and their families space to study, environment to explore, and community with whom to gather, learn, play, and expand knowledge.


We will ẹxplore Ouidah and visit surrounding cities including Ganvié and Benin’s largest city, Cotonou.  

Outside of our travels and built-in time for you to do absolutely nothing but be with your thoughts, this retreat will gẹntly nudge your focus over to these topics: 

Ethnobotany • Ways hẹrbs and plants are used to support community wẹllnẹss. We will go on herbal walks, explore markets, visit farms, learn from local experts and other unschooled advẹntures.     

Birth • Midwifery and womb wẹllnẹss in Benin and in your community. We will gẹt togẹther with local midwives and womẹn to discuss this topic with translation, curiosity and cultural knowledge as our guides.  

You are officially invited to a knowledge and guidance give-and-gain that will amplify and deepen your pleasure and purpose-filled practices; join us for Wise African Woman Birth Ẹducation Retreat.  


*January 7th – 17th

Reserve your spot by September 2nd 2020

*April 27th – May 7th

Reserve your spot by December 2nd 2020

*July 10th – 20th

Reserve your spot by February 2nd 2021

*January 10th is Vodoun Day in Benin, January retreat will include related activities, it is also the dry season.

*May 5th is international day of the midwife, April retreat will include related activities.

*July is a bit cooler weather .


  • RETREAT ACTIVITIES & EXCURSIONS: A unique custom-made experience.
  • AIRPORT TRANSFERS: Ground transportation to and from Cadjehoun Airport in Cotonou.
  • 3 MEALS A DAY: Blẹss your body with frẹshly-prepared, mineral-rich, delicious foods. Vegan, Vegetarian and other dietary needs can be met.
  • GIFT BAG: Benin Swag Bag.
  • EBook: Guts Over Malaria: A Plant-Based Malaria Prevention Method for Travelers
  • FLY TIME PODCAST: WAW Retreat participants are invited to the Fly Time Podcast.


  • FLIGHT Please book your travel accommodations with an airline of your choice to arrive in Cotonou on scheduled date.
  • TRAVEL INSURANCE Please insure your travel.



GROUP (3+ people) $2200 per person

Reserve your spot with a $300 deposit. After reserving your spot, the balance can be paid at your own pace. Deposit is non-refundable, unless the retreat is canceled in which case all payments will be refunded.

Interested? Fill out this interest form

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

You need a passport and visa to travel to Benin.

A YELLOW CARD is required.

There are NO REQUIRED vaccinations to visit Benin.

The CDC & WHO recommend some vaccinations, whether or not you get them is up to you.

You do not need to bring mosquito nets or bedding. 

The CDC & WHO recommend malaria medication, whether or not you get them is up to you.  My EBook Guts Over Malaria: A Plant-Based Malaria Prevention Method for Travelers is included in your retreat package.

All lodging will be provided.

Towels, deodorant, soaps etc will NOT be provided, please bring your own.  You can also purchase soaps etc. once you are in Benin.

How to dress:  You should bring light, cotton, comfortable clothes. People wear traditional and western clothing, there are no clothing restrictions in Benin.

Shoes: open toe shoes are best

Accessories: sunglasses, hats, head wraps and light scarfs are recommended.

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